3 minutes with Chris Luner, Production Assistant

Chris Luner
Chris Luner
Chris in his "office." Please knock before entering!

“Life makes me happy.” – Chris Luner

Chris has been active in Summer Stage for years, first as a participant in the Apprentice Program, then onto Children’s Theater, Mainstage and Shooting Stars. Chris won “Summer Stager” of the Year the summer before his senior year of high school. He is studying Theater Management at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York  and is working this summer as Summer Stage Production Assistant.

Chris’s job description? He does most everything in the front office and a few of his responsibilities include planning, setting up and overseeing the pre-show activities for the Children’s Theater shows, producing the Director’s Workshop, keeping track of the intense rehearsal schedules, and showcasing his fun and positive personality while hosting the Thursday general meetings for the casts and crew of the Children’s Theater shows. He’s gearing up to host the “Harry Awards” this Thursday night.

What motivates you, helps get you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee (laughs)!

What makes you most happy?

Life makes me happy. Plus friends and theater make me happy and I’m very fortunate to be able to do them together. When do you get the chance to do that? I get to do that here and I get to do that at school. I’ve met a lot of my best friends through this program. And all of my friends at school are in the theater program. I think it’s cool to be friends with people outside of the work environment, but then I come here and we work together as staff members.

Pet peeve?

I’d say lack of organization. That’s probably because I like to think I’m organized. And I guess that’s the stage manager in me. Sometimes when things are disorganized or there is lack of communication, it bothers me. I try to find a way to work that out and make it better.

Is there a movie that really moves you?

As silly as it sounds it would be “The Lion King.” There’s this story my mom likes to tell about me. When I was eight years old I was watching “The Lion King” and she found me in the corner of my dining room, and I had tucked myself behind the china closet. She found me crying. I was upset over Mufasa dying. I remember being so upset about it. It STILL makes me upset. And when I saw it on Broadway I was affected by it. It’s like that moment. I still remember specific moments like that.

What is your favorite music on your iPod?

I like musicals and I like 90s Pop. That’s my guilty pleasure: 90s Pop music (laughs)!

What is your passion?

My passion is literally children and theater. That’s why I love it here so much. Passing the love of theater onto children and giving them that experience. That really is what I’m passionate about.

As we begin to wind down the Summer Stage season, is this a beginning or an ending for you?

It’s really bittersweet. I’ve been slowly getting more depressed in the afternoons because there have been less and less people around here. But it’s exciting because we’re looking forward to next year. Mr. Dietzler refers to Summer Stage as “Brigadoon.” And I was thinking about that the other day and it is. Because we’re all here, and then it’s going to disappear. It is its own little society and then it’s gone. But then it’s back. It’s both. I would say it’s a beginning and an end.

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2 thoughts on “3 minutes with Chris Luner, Production Assistant

  1. anita scullin says:

    Thanks for all your hard work at summer stage this year. Have a great year at Wagner. Hope to see you next summer!

  2. Penney MUzyka says:

    What a great article on Chris! He is an amazing young man and you can tell he is living his passion! He is part of why Summer Stage is a life changing place for hundreds of kids who have been lucky enough to have been a part of it at one time or another. May Summer Stage live on forever! Chris, never leave us! You are a blessing to UD in every way! See you next year!!

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