3 Minutes with…Hannah Wisniewski

Hannah Wisniewski

3 Minutes with…Hannah Wisniewski, Technical Program Supervisor and Technical Coordinator of the Annual Cabarance Troupe

Hannah Wisniewski
Hannah Wisniewski

Hannah has been involved with the Summer Stage program since 1999. She first participated in the program as a “Summer Stager” and after three years, came back as an intern, and later as a staff member in the role of Prop Manager. This year, she has a new title, Technical Program Supervisor, where she oversees the daily events for the kids who participate in the Technical Theater program.

Hannah grew up in Broomall and now teaches Social Studies at Beverly Hills Middle School. She is working to obtain a Masters degree in education at Cabrini College.

What motivates you?

I like seeing the kids enjoy theater as much as I do, and theater basically directed by course in my life. I hope they get as much enjoyment that I get out of it. I like to see them apply what that they learn here to their own life particularly the life skills that they learn here such as how to work on a team, working a group together.

It’s all about the kids. I like to see the kids having a good time. I enjoy observing them recognize their hard work backstage featured on the stage. It’s great to see them say, “I made that.”

What makes you happy?

I enjoy having meaningful conversations with the kids. When they’re in the middle of saying something crazy and everyone laughs and then we end up talking about life and then they have the opportunity to open up to me.

What is your “pet peeve?”

When kids tell me what they think I want to hear. Kids think they need to please me by saying certain things, but I want to hear what they actually think, so we can improve things.

What is your favorite playlist on your Ipod?

I listen to all kinds of music, everything from 50s to the 80s to modern dance music. I like to put all the songs on shuffle. My ipod has everything on it  – but no rap stuff!

What do you enjoy doing outside of Summer Stage?

Between working here, and teaching during the school year, and going to grad school to get my Masters in education at Caprini college, I don’t have a lot of extra time. But I do like to get together with my friends and hang out. I take care of my house which I bought in March. It’s been a big transition year for me, buying the house and taking on new responsibilities here at Summer Stage, developing a job here as Technical Program Supervisor that no one has done before. But I don’t mind change. Having a house has been a big responsibility. I knew the responsibility was coming – I find I’ve been busy doing all the things that it takes to keep a house, like finding time to mow the lawn!

What are you passionate about?

That everyone is given a fair chance. It doesn’t always mean that the same thing is good for everybody, but that everybody is given a fair chance on their level. That kids are given the same chance to do accomplish what they possibly can – to reach their potential.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. It’s a challenge to read, but I like her style of writing. I like how Jane grows. It’s not an easy ending. It’s complex. She goes away and then comes back to figure out what she wants. I think that’s the reason I like books more than movies because it seems movies cut a lot of the complexity out to keep the movie to two hours.

What is your car radio tuned to?

Sirius Satellite Radio – the 80s on 8.

As we wrap up this season of Summer Stage, do you feel like it’s a beginning or an ending?

It’s like packing up at the end of vacation. But you know you can come back again. I never feel sad, because I know we can come back again. What we do here, the combination of the kids, the adults, and how we all work together – it truly is magic.

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