The line forms here…Summer Stage registration is a sure sign of spring!

Every year as the leaves blossom and the tulips bloom, the annual registration for Upper Darby Summer Stage is another sure sign of spring.

The line for Summer Stage registration began to form at 4:30pm in preparation for the doors to open at 7pm

Registration for the 37th Season of Upper Darby Summer Stage took place this past Monday. Typical of past “registration days,” lines began to form at around 4:30pm for the 7:00pm registration time.

People had the opportunity to register their children for the Apprentice Program, Rising Stars, Children’s Theater program, or the Technical Theater program and the lines for both the Upper Darby residents and out of township residents began to snake around the building about 2 and a half hours before the doors opened.

Folks in the lines made the most of their time by bringing folding chairs, reading materials, putting on the sunscreen, and enjoying conversation with others who were in line with them.

If you missed registration, there still may be room for your child, depending on the program. Call the Box Office: 610.622.1189 and ask for Peggy Schmidt.

A group of season 37 “Summer Stager” await their turn to register.

One of our Summer Stage Bloggers, Dan Luner, had the opportunity to catch up with people standing in line and talk to them about why they were there, what they love about Summer Stage, and how they found out about the program.

(Inteviews and Photos by Dan Luner)




Kimberly Stewart of Havertown is a native of California and moved to Delaware County about six years ago. She has two daughters and every summer, the three of them see every single show. She was one of the smart ones who brought her folding chair and relaxed in line, waiting to register her daughter for her first year as a “Summer Stager” as an Apprentice.

 Q: How did you find out about Summer Stage?

A: I’m pretty sure it was a web flyer.  We never had anything like this in California.  Eventually when we moved to Pennsylvania, we came to the see the shows every summer.

 Q: How long has your child been waiting to start Summer Stage?

A: Since she was six.  She’s now 11!

 Q: Is she excited?

A: She can’t wait!

Jill Katz of Bryn Mawr was waiting in line to sign up for the Children’s Theater program.

 Q: How did you discover Summer Stage?

A: I always came to watch the shows as a little kid.

 Q: What program are you signing up for?

A: Children’s Theatre.

 Q: Are you excited?

A: Very excited!

 Q: What show are you signing up for?

A: “How I Became A Pirate”

Q: What are you looking forward to?

A: All of it! I love being in shows!


Alex Cornish of Upper Darby was making the most of his time in the line for Upper Darby residents.

Q: How did you find out about the program?

A: My moms’ friend’s kids did it.

 Q: What is your favorite part of Summer Stage?

A: Performing in the shows and seeing all my friends.

 Q: What show are you signing up for?

A: Either “Dora, The Explorer LIVE!” or “Seussical Jr.”

Q: What is your favorite memory of Summer Stage?

A: The first time I ever walked onto the stage for “High School Musical 2”.  It was truly magical.

Claire Harbison of Havertown who will be a freshman in high school next year, was signing up for the Children’s Theater program.

 Q: How did you hear about Summer Stage?

A: My friend Julia Mattia told me all about it.

 Q: What did she tell you about it?

A: She said it was tons of fun.

 Q: What show are you signing up for?

A: The fourth show, “Annie Jr.”

 Q: What are you looking forward to most?

A: I’m looking forward to learning more about acting

 Q: Have you done shows at your school?

A: I’m going into my freshman year in the fall, so definitely next year!


Jocelyn Severin of Havertown continues the Summer Stage tradition in her family. Her mother, Joyce, was one of the founding members of Summer Stage! And her brother has gone through the program and is one of the “Upper Darby Summer Stage Shooting Stars.”

 Q: What did you do last summer at Summer Stage?

A: I did the tech program!

 Q: What is going to be the best part about this summer?

A: Making new friends and learning more about technical theatre.

 Q: What was your favorite part about tech LAST summer?

A: I made so many friends on working tech on the shows.

 Q: Favorite memory of the tech program?

A: Definitely when we came out on the Titanic lifeboats for the general meeting.


Lexi Suydam of Havertown was in “Mulan, Jr.” last year and is looking forward to another great summer at Summer Stage.

 Q: What was your favorite part of  “Mulan Jr.?”

A: I loved dancing and meeting so many new friends.

 Q: How many years have you done Summer Stage?

A: 3 years, so this year will be my fourth!

 Q: What show are you doing this year?

A: I can’t do any shows this year so I’m signing up for the tech program.

 Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

A: Another summer filled with fun!

 Q: What is your favorite memory of Summer Stage?

A: Everything about my summer the year I was in Rising Stars!

Frank Phillips of Lansdowne was standing in line to sign up his daughter. Frank has known about Summer Stage for many years. His sister participated in the first season of Summer Stage thirty-seven years ago! The Summer Stage tradition continues for his family…

 Q: How long has your daughter been involved in the program?

A: She has been involved since she was eligible to join.

 Q: I understand she took some time off and now is coming back?

A: Other opportunities came about, or I think it was summer classes, I can’t remember which.

Q: Is she looking forward to coming back?

A: Yes!

 Zeke Bolce-Schnick of Havertown was waiting to sign up for the Technical Theater Program. After being on stage performing in years past, he’ll be taking a turn behind the scenes this year.

 Q: Were you involved in Summer Stage last year?

A: Yes, but I was in a show instead of the tech program.

 Q: What show were you in?

A: I was in “Mulan Jr.”

Q: How did you discover Summer Stage?

A: My mom says we’ve been coming to see the shows since we first saw Griffon Stanton-Ameisen in either “Into the Woods” or “Babes in Toyland.”  We can’t remember which was first.

 Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

A: Building the set!

 Q: What is your favorite Summer Stage memory?

A: It would have to be when the smoke machine set off the fire alarm during “Mulan Jr.” last year and we all were standing outside in the heavy heat in fur because it was part of our costume as the Huns.

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