“How I Became a Pirate” Director, Nick Hunchak is Setting Sail With His Cast

It’s funny. The music is great. The dancing is fun and energetic and the characters are not to be forgotten.

– Nick Hunchak on “How I Became a Pirate”

This week we had an opportunity to sit down with “How I Became a Pirate” director, Nick Hunchak, to get the inside scoop on him, the cast and this Summer Stage premiere!

 Brenna Dinon: How many years have you been at Summer Stage and what keeps you coming back?

 Nick Hunchak: Okay, I have no idea how long! That’s been one of my projects is to figure that out someday. I was on stage in ’79 and I was in Children’s Theatre in ’83 and then from there on I don’t know, because it’s been a long time. What keeps me coming back? The kids in the cast. The staff is wonderful every year. I’ve never worked with a staff I didn’t like or didn’t have fun with. The new kids every year that come in, plus the kids 
who come in and return ever year and see how they’ve grown. It’s so rewarding to see that.  I love doing it.

Why would you say that Summer Stage is not a typical “theatre camp”?

I would say it’s not a typical “theatre camp” because the quality of the show is so high. All of the rehearsals and every thing leading up to it are done in a way that that everyone is learning. One is not at the expense of the other.  It’s never at the expense of educating the kids and why they are here [in reference to putting on a high quality show]. It’s a place where you can guarantee the quality is always good. That is really why they’re here, to be a part of something really special.

How has your cast been unique from casts in the past?

This is the most talented [cast] that has the least specific things to do. The things that they are coming up with are things they are thinking about and making work with the parameters of the show. So for example, if they are they are supposed to stand there and listen, they are really filling in those spots. They are coming up with clever and interesting things. They’re being creative. They’re a very creative cast. They seem like they’re having a lot of fun with it.

 What is it about the show that makes it fun for the audience whether you’re a kid or an adult?

Well, everybody wants to escape for whatever reason, from whatever reason, but not forever, so that’s a lot of fun. Plus Pirates are always frolicking and things like that [laughs]. The idea of escaping for a little bit, becoming a little kid and seeing things through the eyes of a child because that’s what this show is about.  A little boy becoming a pirate and what he thinks it is to be a pirate for a day and then realizing that is fun, but he loves coming home.

Why should people come see How I Became a Pirate?

It’s funny. The music is great. The dancing is fun and energetic and the characters are not to be forgotten.

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