“I think audiences will be surprised by this is one. This is one that Summer Stage will do again.” – “Freckleface Strawberry” Choreographer, Kevin Dietzler

DSC_7530Growing up, “Freckleface Strawberry” Music Director Jackie Serratore lived across the street from Choreographer, Kevin Dietzler. Both went through the Summer Stage program and have been on staff for several years.  With a show that has so much great music, the two have worked closely with one another and with the cast to fine-tune voices and movement. It’s been gratifying for both to collaborate with one another and with Director, Mary Leigh Filippone.

“Freckleface Stawberry” on July 31, August 1 and August 2 at 10:30 am and August 1 at 7:30 pm! CLICK HERE to learn more!

Tell us about the music because what we’re hearing sounds delightful!

Jackie Serratore: There are over twenty musical numbers the kids are working on. It’s a lot of music! A lot of the numbers go right into the next one, so we’re in one number and then it just flies onto the third…the fourth…it just keeps going into all of the musical numbers.

Kevin Dietzler: The show is ideal for kids because it’s all music, all dancing. It will keep the kids in the audience entertained because every number has a different style. There is a gospel number, a rock and roll number, a ballet number, hip hop, and rap…so, there are a lot of different styles…there’s a lot for the kids to look at.

JS: It’s definitely going to keep every kid as interested as possible – kids are going to want to dress like Strawberry and will be fans by the end. I think the younger kids will get excited about this. For the boys, there is a whole basketball number with the basketballs doing the rhythm. There are so many fun, cool moments!

We understand there are tributes to Musical Theater throughout that the parents will pick up on.DSC_7555

JS: Yes! The audience will hear some of “Phantom of the Opera,” in another song they’ll hear sort of a “Memphis” moment, or a “Sister Act” moment. You hear “High School Musical” in the basketball number!

The show has a great message.

KD: It’s really not a groundbreaking message, but it’s one that we all have to be reminded of: that people are different and you learn to accept their differences. You get along, and you have fun doing it. Our kids are playing kids who are seven years old, so the characters are exploring relationships that children form at an early age. In some ways they parallel relationships that we adults share with each other. But it’s interesting to see it from a kid’s point of view.

If someone is “on the fence” about bringing their children to the show, what would you tell them?DSC_7548

KD: The show recently premiered in New York City, it’s very well-written and has received rave reviews. And most ALL shows are new to kids!Cinderella” was new to all of us the very first time; “Wizard of Oz” was new the very first time. It’s just like the message in the play: don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because you’ve never heard the music doesn’t mean it isn’t fantastic entertainment. I think audiences will be surprised by this is one. This is one that Summer Stage will do again. It will come back because it’s just such a great show, and the kids are having a blast.

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