Why You Should Come See “Elliot and the Magic Bed”: Reflections on “Elliot” by Cate Paxson

I take pictures. I don’t generally write blogs, but I feel it is my duty to encourage you to come see “Elliot and the Magic Bed.”

The World Premiere of “Elliot and the Magic Bed” took place at Summer Stage in 2003, featuring Rachel Stevens as Elliot.

Written by Summer Stagers Brian Lowdermilk and Marcus Stevens specifically for Upper Darby Summer Stage, the show casts its magical spell on those who have seen it, and all who have been cast in its productions.

The 2008 production featured Tristan Horan as Elliot, pictured here in a green striped shirt.

To begin with, the music alone is amazing and when you add those soul touching lyrics, it tugs on the heartstrings and you find the music playing a different melody than you have ever heard before. From the very first time I listened I knew it was something special.

The story appears to be about a little boy, Elliot, who because of his imagination and ideas just doesn’t seem to fit in. Upon further inspection, you discover that the “true” story is about the caring adults in his life who are unable to reach Elliot because of their own “flaws.” Each person: mother, father, teacher, and even babysitter undergo a transformation due to the influence of Elliot.

A snapshot of the World Premiere, 2003 production.

The main focus is on Elliot and his mother, a single parent, who would want – like most of us – just “another hour in the day”…This premise begins the adventure that will keep your little ones wide-eyed as they encounter mermaids, pirates, and wizards. They also might notice some faces they had seen earlier in the play, portraying some of those parts. The bed has become a flying machine whisking Elliot, and his mom away as they begin the search for the golden clock of Clockaustrailia.

There is a storm before they can return, because we “must always face the storm” in our lives. When they arrive home, the mom realizes a valuable lesson in a song, whose lyrics will have you grabbing for a tissue. One of my favorite lines is, “ I don’t have to be perfect, just follow through.”

So, have I gotten your attention?

In all fairness, I must declare that I am truly the biggest fan of “Elliot and the Magic Bed” and am therefore, totally biased. This does not make what I have written any less true.

I am urging you to be adventurous, take a chance, and experience something new in “Elliot and the Magic Bed”, especially if you have never heard of it before. Actually by taking that step, you will relate to what “Elliot” is all about.

The 2014 press release photo for "Elliot".
The 2014 press release photo for “Elliot”.

“Get ready for an Adventure!”

WAIT! Don’t stop reading yet. I forgot to tell you about the fireflies…

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