Devon Fields: the Male Beyoncé

In line with the rest of this summer’s interviews, Devon Fields is a man who makes the most out of every single minute of his day. In the past eight weeks, Devon has choreographed the season opener, “The Circle of Life,” played Donkey in “Shrek the Musical,” created two Dance Troupe dances, performed in Dance Troupe and even worked on the marketing team.

Devon as Donkey in the Mainstage production of "Shrek the Musical"
Devon as Donkey in the Mainstage production of “Shrek, the Musical!”

Devon also works with a Summer Stage outreach program at the Christ Lutheran Church in Upper Darby. With the help of Camille Young, the two work with the kids on their acting, dancing and singing abilities. The goal of the program is, “to motivate kids to become future Summer Stagers.”

How does he manage all that? He believes that sleep is unnecessary, saying, “The whole eight hours thing is imaginary… if you’ve gotta stay up till 6 a.m. choreographing, you gotta do it. As long as you get a good 30 minutes in you’re good.” This leads to Devon occasionally taking naps in interesting places around the PAC, including, but not limited to, the triangle aisles, the balcony and under the stage.

“You’ll never find someone more dedicated than Devon Fields.”

During the school year, Devon does the impossible and becomes even more involved. At Penn State for a major in broadcast journalism and a minor in dance, Devon does, “Everything at Penn State… as much as possible. I’m a firm believer in spreading yourself as far as you can go so I’m a member of many clubs, the main ones are the Penn State Thespians and the Penn State Singing Lions (which actually has a Summer Stage legacy, past one includes John Schmidt, Mark Dietzler and Liz Hartigan.) I’m also in Urban Dance Troupe and I produce at a radio station.”

Devon HeadshotAnyone that has spent any amount of time with Devon will know that he enjoys Beyoncé. Although “enjoys” is a weak word. Obsessed? Yeah. That’s better. Devon’s philosophy on life is, “That you strive for Beyoncé, understanding that you’ll never achieve it but that when you fall short you’ll still end up better than Michelle (of Destiny’s Child.)” Even now, as I write this post, he is wearing his “Keep calm and be Yoncé” sweatshirt.

But Devon’s love of Beyoncé is more than just a pop star crush. He truly takes Beyoncé’s professionalism and applies it to his dancing, his acting and his performing. There’s not a day that goes by when Devon isn’t working on improving himself and improving those around him. There is so much more to say about Devon, but I’ll leave you with this – You’ll never find someone more dedicated than Devon Fields.

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  1. Tiana Quartman says:

    Devon I am in Tears I did not know you were honored in such a way Devon just by reading gives me soo much encouragement that you. Wouldn’t understand but I am 19 years old now and I would be more than excited to see you

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