Dan Luner brings the PreShow experience to a new level!

Dan in his first summer on staff running the PreShow for “Tom Sawyer.”

One of the many things that Summer Stage prides itself on is its all-encompassing experience. From when you first arrive at a Summer Stage show to the autographs outside, every moment is full of wonder and excitement. One of the people that makes this possible is Dan Luner, the assistant marketing manager and director of PreShow activities.

Dan Luner has been at Summer Stage for the past nine years. He started as an apprentice in 2005 and began working on staff in 2012. Back then he was a member of the first set of marketing interns for the marketing department. Now he works as the assistant marketing manager to ensure that everything is getting done on time and meeting deadlines.

Dan’s favorite part of working at Summer Stage is his PreShow activities. Started in 2010, these PreShow activities began as small coloring pages and word searches. Now, with the help of Dan, they have grown into fun crafts tailored to each show. For example, for “The Circle of Life,” Dan helped kids create autograph books to get all of their favorite Disney characters signatures.

“I love to teach people, teaching what I know and love. The kids here are so willing to learn, it really makes it so easy to share that love of teaching.”

Dan with two of his greeters, again back in his first summer on staff running the PreShow for "Seussical."
Dan with two of his greeters, again back in his first summer on staff running the PreShow for “Seussical.”

Outside of Summer Stage, Dan runs his own photography business. In addition, he coaches roller hockey and considers himself to be a pulled pork connoisseur. Dan has some interesting plans for his future wedding, saying, “I don’t care what my future wife will say, we will have a pork roast at my wedding. It’ll be a pig with an apple in its mouth, the whole nine yards. Be on the look out for that.”

An awful lot of work goes into these PreShow activities. At the beginning of each summer, Dan spends a week or so cruising Pinterest finding crafts for each show. He then creates a budget and goes out on a big art-supply shopping trip. With the help of his greeters, the Summer Stager’s that work out front to make everyone feel welcome, Dan spends the weeks leading up to the shows cutting, assembling and prepping for each craft. Come the day of the show, Dan and his greeters are outside around 9:45 before each morning performance.

Dan and his Summer Stage greeters do an excellent job making every kid feel welcome when they arrive. The PreShow table is always a hive of activity before each show. Kids walk away from it smiling and excited, ready to witness the magic of a Children’s Theater performance. Dan truly makes Summer Stage magic happen.

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