Five Questions with Mackenzie Lee, Mulan in “Disney’s Mulan, Jr.”

Disney’s Mulan, Jr.” heads to the stage in two weeks at Upper Darby Summer Stage. With performances quickly approaching from August 3-5, public & community relations manager, Dan Luner (DL) took the time to talk with Mackenzie Lee (ML) of Bryn Mawr who holds the title role of Mulan. Below is an abbreviated transcript of their conversation.

DL: What were your initial reactions when you found out you were cast as Mulan?

ML: I’ve been here six years [since I was an apprentice] and there are so many talented people here so I was just very grateful I got the chance to play this part.

Mackenzie Lee of Bryn Mawr as Mulan prepares for her performance in "Disney’s Mulan, Jr." August 3-5 at UD Summer Stage. // Photo By: Will McKeown
Mackenzie Lee of Bryn Mawr as Mulan prepares for her performance in “Disney’s Mulan, Jr.” August 3-5 at UD Summer Stage. // Photo By: Will McKeown

DL: What has the rehearsal process been going so far? Have there been any “standout” moments so far?

ML: It’s been pretty hectic, but everyone [the creative team] is staying aligned and keeping everything going. It’s been moving really quickly, but at the same time it’s been very efficient.

DL: How do you connect on a personal level to the character of Mulan?

ML: I think Mulan’s character is very independent and throughout the show she really discovers who she is. She steps out of society’s standards of a ‘stereotypical woman’ in Ancient China and she proves herself by not following the rules. That relates to me because I consider myself a girl with an independent personality.

DL: What do you think are important pieces of Mulan’s story that the audience should take note of?

ML: Mulan is all about being yourself and not changing for anyone so I’d say audiences should note that Mulan loves herself for who she is – and she’s not ashamed of that.

DL: Fill in the blank: my favorite part about portraying Mulan is: ______________.

ML: My favorite part about portraying Mulan is specifically with who I have to be. It’s cool because not many Disney princesses say the things I say or do the things I do. So for me to play this particular Disney princess is a lot of fun. 

Tickets for “Disney’s Mulan, Jr.” are priced at $7-11 and can be purchased online at or by calling the box office: 610.622.1189. The Upper Darby Performing Arts Center is located in Drexel Hill at 601 N. Lansdowne Avenue, minutes from the Main Line and Center City. The show is approximately 60 minutes, with no intermission. Parking is free and the show is ideal for ages four and up. Free babysitting is offered for siblings who may be too young to sit through the entire show.

For 41 seasons Upper Darby Summer Stage has been empowering young people and entertaining families throughout the Philadelphia region. A two-time consecutive winner of the Main Line Parent’s “Best Children Theatre” Love Award, the program is also a five-time consecutive MyFoxPhilly HotList winner in the “Best Theatre” category.

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12 thoughts on “Five Questions with Mackenzie Lee, Mulan in “Disney’s Mulan, Jr.”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Great choice for MULAN! She sounds so interesting I can not wait to see Mackenzie Lee in action. Mackenzie is going to be awesome my girls love her hair! Thank you for bringing magic and joy to my family!

    1. Dan Luner says:


      While we [the marketing team at Summer Stage] have no choice in casting, we’re glad to see you and your family are excited to see Mackenzie in “Disney’s Mulan, Jr.”

      And thanks for the kind words! We’ll be sure to pass them along to the appropriate parties.

      All the best,

      Dan Luner
      Public & Community Relations Manager

  2. Summer Stage Fan says:

    We have enjoyed Mackenzie in other SS shows. She is such a great actress and dancer so we cant wait to hear her sing! We are looking forward to her performance as Mulan!

    1. Dan Luner says:

      Summer Stage Fan,

      You seem like quite the fan of Mackenzie – we’ll be sure to let her know that you are excited for her performance!

      Thanks for commenting,

      Dan Luner
      Public & Community Relations Manager

  3. Dr. LynAnn Mastaj says:

    Congratulations Mackenzie. I am so proud of you break a leg.

    1. Dan Luner says:

      Dr. Mastaj,

      Thanks for the kind words – we’ll be sure to pass them on to Mackenzie!

      Thanks again,

      Dan Luner
      Public & Community Relations Manager

  4. Carol Veith says:

    Interesting interview! Sounds like the perfect person for this role! Looking forward to seeing Mackenzie Lee bring this character to life! Best wishes to Mackenzie & the entire cast & crew!!!

    1. Dan Luner says:

      Thanks Carol!

      We are also looking forward to Mackenzie portraying this character for our audience members.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

      Dan Luner
      Public & Community Relations Manager

  5. Christe Terrion says:

    I’ve known Mackenzie sense she was a little girl. She has always had an outgoing, friendly personality. I think the part of Mulan was made just for her! Looking forward to seeing her perform next Thur.

    1. Dan Luner says:


      Glad to hear you already have your tickets!

      I’m sure Mackenzie is looking forward to seeing you next week – your support means a lot!

      See you soon,

      Dan Luner
      Public & Community Relations Manager

  6. Anon says:


  7. Catherine W. says:

    Mulan was amazing. My family and I really enjoyed the set, songs, and costumes. The cast was awesome. We especially enjoyed Mackenzie Lee’s performance and the write up above. My kids hope to go to summer stage when they are older. Mackenzie was an inspiration. Thank you for bringing quality performances into our backyard. We went on the website today to look at the shows for next year. When do they usually come out and how soon do tickets go on sale?

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