Wine Tasting Fundraiser to Benefit ‘T’s Kids!’

‘Refined Wines and Refreshing Cuisine’

In early fall there will be a fundraising event for T’s Kids a Summer Stage scholarship program. The event, “Refined Wines and Refreshing Cuisine,” will take place on September 18th from 2 PM to 5 PM at the Highland Park Firehouse.

For just $50, family and friends can enjoy a wine tasting event with cuisine planned and prepared by Linda Calvert (former chef), mother of Terrance. Tickets are available by contacting Karen Manners at

What is T’s Kids?

In 2012 friends of Terrance Calvert started what has come to be known as T’s Kids, an outreach effort that provides prospective Summer Stages with scholarships. Terrance was a Summer Stager, Shooting Star, and choreographer who passed away from cancer at a very young age. Summer Stage meant the world to Terrance and it was his wish for others to experience the magic of the program that influenced him during his lifetime.

For the past 4 years now, T’s Kids has carried on the mission of Terrance, who strove daily to overcome obstacles and simply enjoy every joy that live performance offers an audience.

The magic of Summer Stage has evolved from something that is contained to just 9 weeks every summer, to a year-round call to fill the world with love.

Jerron (left) and Emily (right) before their performance as featured dancers in The Dinosaur Musical.

First-hand look at the benefits of T’s Kids:

We sat down with two of this year’s T’s Kids scholarship recipients, Emily and Jerron, who are featured dancers in both The Dinosaur Musical and Summer Stage’s Dance Troupe showcase.

Emma Barrera: How do you feel your Summer Stage experience has been influenced by the spirit of Terrance?

Emily: Well, I didn’t know Terrance personally, but he was clearly extremely loved and obviously such a strong person. Even though I didn’t know him, I know he has greatly impacted my view on things here at Summer Stage.

EB: How do you think our Summer Stagers will benefit from T’s Kids?

Jerron: Future Summer Stagers will benefit from T’s Kids because through looking at the life of Terrance, ,you can discover that there is more to Summer Stage and that it’s something special. Even when you feel like life fills you with distress or sadness, you can look at Terrance’s life and learn how to “dance in the rain.”

EB: What has been your favorite moment of this summer?

Emily: My favorite moment of this summer was my first dancer circle during The Dinosaur Musical!

EB: What advice do you have for students who might be considering Summer Stage but are too scared to try?

Jerron: Summer Stage is a magical experience. It is great for anybody and has a lot of great opportunities to make friends and to have a wonderful summer.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

We hope to see YOU at the fundraiser on September 18 from 2PM to 5PM to celebrate the spirit of Terrance, and the amazing students that T’s Kids brings to us summer after summer.

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  1. Leslie and Mike Rogalski says:

    Looking forward to joining our Summer Stage friends for such a worthwhile event!

    1. Lauren Stevenson Yacina says:

      Thank you, Leslie! We appreciate you supporting this effort. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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