This summer, my blessings behind the curtain, sharing secrets and now to introduce…

Dear friends in the press,

I want to share a secret with you: I thought at this point in my life I’d be spending summers at the beach. Shh!

Allie when she was an Apprentice.

When my oldest daughter was about 10 years old (she is now 22) I was introduced by a friend to Upper Darby Summer Stage. My daughter liked performing, singing and dancing and once she learned about the program, she was hooked.

When I saw my first Summer Stage Mainstage performance, “Ragtime,” I was truly astonished. I honestly could not get over what I had just experienced. I thought I had seen a professional production. Besides the impeccable attention to every detail, from the set design, to the caliber of the acting, to the costumes, what resonated most was the overwhelming purity of the experience. Behind the collaboration of all involved I could feel the sheer joy in sharing nothing less than an excellent, significant and thought-provoking experience with the audience.

The following year my friend asked me if I wanted to consider taking on the role of the Publicity Coordinator at Summer Stage. They were looking for someone to write and send out press releases. I figured I could spend time with my daughter while helping promote the shows.

Fast forward almost 10 years later and with the advent of social media, the simple job developed into creating content through video, photos, graphic design and more, something far too much for one person to handle.

And now the blessing.

Who knew in my early 50’s I would develop a whole new career path and become a mentor to young people? Who knew I would spend my summers surrounded by really good people, a staff of over 100 individuals who work with students and teach them much more than theater skills, but life-long skills that will help them become better citizens? How did I get so lucky to spend my time with dedicated people who are uber-creative and want nothing more than to share their talents with young people?

These past summers I have had the opportunity to develop skills I never thought I had and work with the most intelligent, creative, and outstanding young people one can be blessed to work with.

And so, without further ado, I introduce you to our 2017 Summer Stage Marketing team.

From now until August 11 this team of college and high school aged individuals will keep you updated on all the blessings that take place behind the curtain this summer at Upper Darby Summer Stage…

We understand and respect you open a LOT of emails. We know there is always something to write about and time is always limited.

Our one request is that if you haven’t yet experienced a Summer Stage Mainstage production, please consider seeing our production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” the Philadelphia regional premiere. Why? Integrity. I guarantee that not only will you experience an exceptional production, but your faith will be restored in our young people because you’ll witness this group’s (young people up to the age of 28) integrity, you’ll see the results of their extremely hard work, and you will be invigorated by their joy in bringing you a performance that will be nothing less than astonishing.

‘Hope to see you this summer!


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