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August 15, 2014

A Final Post

21 blog posts. 2867 views. 7,735 words. 1 incredible summer. These numbers can only begin to describe the amazing eight weeks I’ve had here at Upper Darby Summer Stage. Throughout the summer, I’ve tossed on an array of hats. I’ve worked as an assistant … Continued

August 14, 2014

Devon Fields: the Male Beyoncé

In line with the rest of this summer’s interviews, Devon Fields is a man who makes the most out of every single minute of his day. In the past eight weeks, Devon has choreographed the season opener, “The Circle of … Continued

July 31, 2014

Coffee-fueled Magic: An Interview with Chris Luner

“I really do see myself in the long run focusing in children’s theater and being able to give back to kids.” I believe the best way to summarize Chris Luner is with the following hash tag: #SleepLater. Chris Luner is … Continued

July 29, 2014

The Journey to Acceptance: “Honk, Jr.!”

“Honk, Jr.!” is one of the most touching shows to ever come to Summer Stage. It tells the story of a young duckling, Ugly, who is ostracized for his appearance. The abuse is so bad that he runs away from … Continued

July 21, 2014

Patrick Ahearn: The Hand Behind the Puppets

Upper Darby Summer Stage is swarming with puppets this season. The puppeteer at the helm, Patrick Ahearn, has been working for weeks on everything from a two-headed llama to a colorful parrot and even a 20-foot dragon. This week his puppets will … Continued

July 17, 2014

Seven sets, six weeks and a lot of elbow grease

“It’s really cool because our set looks different than what everyone else has done, especially in the region…” The Upper Darby Performing Arts Center goes through miraculous transformations each week during the summer. From the tie-dye speckled stage of “The … Continued

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