The Ensemble Series

The Ensemble Series is for the performer who wants to invest weekly in skill building, working as a team, and creating something to share at the conclusion of six weeks. Ensemble Series classes will allow participants to get to know one another and get to know their instructor as they hone their talents together. Find the class that works for you and register today! We’re here to help you grow.

ClassDay & TimeAgesTotal Price *Instructor
Movement For MinisMondays, 1pm – 2pm3-5$180Devon Sinclair
Creative Play & Imagination ExplorationSundays 12pm – 1pm6-8$180Devon Sinclair
Script to StageWednesdays, 4pm-5pm8-13$180Allie Steele
Collective Creation Workshop (I)Tuesdays, 7pm – 9pm13-17$180Rachel Stevens & Abby Shunskis Dietzler
Musical Theatre Dance 1Mondays 2:30pm -3:30pm14-18$180Devon Sinclair
Contemporary & Lyrical DanceMondays 6:30pm – 7:30pm15-25$180Abby Shunskis Dietzler
Amplifying Art: The Black ExperienceSundays 5pm – 6:30pm14+$180Devon Sinclair
Collective Creation Workshop (II)Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm18+$180Rachel Stevens & Abby Shunskis Dietzler
Playwriting for AdultsThursdays, 6:30pm-8pm18+$180Allie Steele

Ensemble Series Class Descriptions

Movement for Minis (3-5)

If your mini superstar is bouncing off the walls and jumping from couch to couch this class is for them! In this brave space, Devon will help your mini channel their energy into dance play and build their rhythm, movement skills, and confidence levels!

Creative Play & Imagination Exploration (6-8)

Artistic development is integral in early youthhood, and we want to open the door for our younger friends to be just as brave as the adults. In this brave space, students will use storytelling and interactive play to come together and create worlds only imaginable! Let’s teach our kids just how powerful their imaginations can be.

Script to Stage (8-13)

There are so many plays and musicals out there for young actors to explore! In Script to Stage, we’ll work together on reading scripts, learning basic staging techniques, and practicing how to rehearse with other actors to put on a show. Join Allie and your fellow classmates to gain experience in performing, learn some new material, and have some fun along the way!

Musical Theater Dance I (14-18)

If dance is something that you enjoy, but don’t always feel confident in then this class is for you! This class utilizes common musical theatre movement to help strengthen your execution, understanding, and overall showmanship! Most importantly, in this brave space, we’ll reshape the way you approach and appreciate dance!!

Contemporary/Lyrical Dance (15-25)

Come leave your worries at the door and join me in a dance class that will awaken your body and evoke your heart! In this intermediate/advanced Contemporary and Lyrical based dance class we will explore choreography that focuses on storytelling, improvisation, and filling your movements with meaning and emotion. Dance experience is recommended for this intermediate/advance level class. If you have questions about if this is the class for you, please reach out to Abby at!

Amplifying Art: The Black Experience (14+)

Using the powerful educational medium of theatre, students will explore the stories and experiences of Black theatre and film artists. Stories related to the topics of race, identity, and culture to find/create connection and empathy. Through outside reading, acting exercises, and engaging discussion, this brave space aims to amplify the voices of those often unheard.

Collective Creation Workshop (I & II)

Workshop I – 13-17, Workshop II – 18+

What if you and your friends could be in the driver’s seat to bring an original piece of theater to life out of your imagination? In Collective Creation Workshop, open the door to a journey of collaborative theater making where your interests, skills and ideas are the inspiration for our story. In this class, we will explore exercises in improvisation, dance, acting, writing and directing to create an original performance piece based on a chosen theme. In this brave space, you’ll  get to try on many creative hats, share your unique talents, and discover new skills in a process of collective creation. 

Playwriting for Adults (18+)

If you’ve got a story to tell, now is your chance to share it in a creative, safe environment! In this course, we’ll get to know one another, learn the fundamentals of playwriting, turn your memories into an original work, and have it read in a staged reading on Zoom. We hope you’ll feel brave enough to join us in learning and sharing together!

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