July 26, 2017 - July 28, 2017
60 minutes Recommended for ages four and up.

How I Became Pirate

Every week the staff participates in a PREVIEW of the upcoming show. Take peek at “Pirate” and see what some of the staffers said about the show!


Sail off on a fantastic musical excursion when a band of comical pirates lands at North Beach looking for an expert digger to join their crew. Braid Beard and his mates enlist young Jeremy Jacob, as they try to find the perfect spot to bury their treasure.



Ahoy! Pirates just landed at Upper Darby Performing Arts Center this week! What zany jokes do they have to tell?




How I Became A Pirate – 2012 at Summer Stage, The Official Trailer


Jeremy finds that adventuring can be lots of fun, but also learns that love and home are treasures you can’t find on any map! The whole family will love this delightful and swashbuckling musical adventure!

Young Jeremy Jacob is digging in the sand at North Beach when he is greeted by Captain Braid Beard and his mates, and is recruited to help find the perfect digging spot for their treasure. Boarding the ship, the Captain introduces the boy to his pirate crew who share with him the ins and outs of a pirate’s life at sea. A story of adventure and finding one’s own heart – a path that can’t be found on any treasure map!

Our Children’s Theatre series features high-energy productions appropriate for audience members aged four and up.  For the youngest theatre-goers who may have difficulty enjoying the show quietly, we offer free babysitting!


What a delightful show! Take a listen to this! ‘So much fun!! – “How I Became a Pirate”



From the 2012 production!