Upper Darby Summer Stage began in 1976 with the singing of our anthem, “To Fill the World with Love.” Since that time our staff and participants have embraced the promise “to be brave and strong and true, and to fill the world with love our whole lives through.”

Now, more than ever we are challenged to make that promise a reality.

Although Upper Darby is a beautiful town that embraces all of its diverse communities, we are not immune to the problems that face our nation. Right now many of our friends are hurting because of countless acts of injustice and discrimination. We reach out to our black friends and to all people of color who have been hurt by racism and oppression and offer our friendship and our pledge to do better. As part of the Upper Darby community, we at Summer Stage commit ourselves to ensuring that past injustices are not repeated and that we all do better, each in our own way.

As a program supported by the Upper Darby Township and Upper Darby School District we follow the policies established by these organizations regarding discrimination of all kinds.

We expect our members to treat each other with respect and to honor our differences by listening and offering support through friendship. Angry words, texts, posts or gestures, bullying or making fun of someone because of their physical appearance, ethnic background, religious practices or any other piece of their identity is not acceptable at Summer Stage.

Even while distanced, we are committed to our community. As always, we aspire to be a family where our participants and staff are treated with kindness and respect. We are welcoming to all. Our dedication is to provide a safe space where all Summer Stagers are empowered to discover their talents, embrace their personality and share their magic. We will continue to find additional ways to enrich one another and amplify the voices of those being unjustly silenced.

We promise to promote the essential dignity of each person in our words and actions; in our selection of content and materials; in our casting choices; and in our overall work with each other. Committing to fill the world with love demands choosing what is best for the other, especially for those who are different from ourselves.

Through the arts, Summer Stage harnesses the power to touch the hearts of our audiences and we vow to use that power as a force of good, to inspire those around us, and to be a source of healing and justice!